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Our selection of bottled water units are perfect for situations where plumbing direct into the mains is either impractical due to distance from mains or lack of suitable access.


Sometimes mains connection is not allowed due to rental leases.


Cairns Water Coolers also offers short term hire or bottled units for events and functions such as exhibitions and conventions.


The advantage of the Cairns Watercooler bottled units are that the bottles and reservoirs can be refilled as many times as you like with mains water and you still only pay for the unit not the water.


The secret is in the inbuilt carbon filter which filters the mains water as you pour it in.



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German researchers found that your metabolism can increase by as much as 30 per cent during the 10 minutes after you drink a cold glass. Why? They speculate that your body burns more calories as it tries to warm the water.

The West Australian 30thDecember2011

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