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Overview of water filters & conditioners.

Water filters are designed to remove contaminants by either physically blocking their passage through the media or chemically attracting them to the filter media or by chemically changing the properties of the water.

What’s the different filter micron ratings mean to you
Most filters have a micron rating according to the porous structure. The lower the micron rating the finer the filtration. Higher micron rated filters are for coarse filtration and lower micron ratings are for finer filtration. As a guide suspended solids such as dirt, rust etc. are mostly removed at 20 microns down to 5 microns.


Sediment and dirt filters
Rope wound filters have been replaced with polypropylene filters commonly call poly spun filters. Poly spun sediment filters have a high dirt holding capacity and have an excellent flow rate until they are totally loaded with sediment. Pleated washable filters have a large surface area and may be washed 3-5 times. Pleated filters don't have the depth of the poly spun filters to hold sediment but have a larger surface area due to the pleats. Pleated filters trap dirt on the surface so it can be mostly washed off. They will not restrict flow until they are totally covered with sediment. Sediment filters are used as whole of house filters or as pre filters before carbon filters, as carbon doesn't have the same high flow capacity and will restrict the flow when sediment clogs the carbon's porous structure.


Carbon filters
Activated carbon is a widely used method for drinking water treatment. Activation of carbon is achieved by high temperature steam, which produces a very high surface area in the carbon allowing the carbon to absorb organic matter, chlorine, chemicals and so on improving bad taste and odours. Carbon comes in granules or is pressed into solid block filters. Silver impregnated carbon and ceramic filters are excellent for inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the filter carbon. These are the top of the range filters but It's very important to use the right filter for your situation and needs as in flow rate, water quality and level of filtration required.


You have alternatives to buying bottled water?
We have an extensive range of under sink, bench top and portable filters to suit your needs. Filters can produce drinking water of the same or better quality as bottled water depending on which system you choose. These filters will remove things like chlorine, dirt, rust, bad taste, odours, giardia, crypto and other bacteria. Follow the links below.

Under Sink Systems  Click Here

Bench Top Filters  Click Here

Fluoride Removal
Fluoride cannot be removed from water with carbon or sediment filters. Only specialise filters are capable of removing fluoride from water. The most that can be eliminated is around 90%. We have both an under sink fluoride removal kit and an in-line fluoride removal kit, links are listed below.

Fluoride Single system  Click Here

Fluoride Twin system  Click here

Different filter sizes
Most filters are of a standard size but there are a few manufactures that have made non standard size filters. If you think you have one of these filters simply contact us and we maybe able to get them for you or we can convert your system over to a standard size filter, which in most cases will be cheaper to replace and available to purchase more easily.

Standard size housings take 10" long x 2.5" diameter filters, these filters are also available in 20" & 30" long. The bigger standard size housings take 10" long & 20' long x 4.5" diameter filters, these filters fit the extra large filter housings for whole of house or commercial applications where a high flow rate is required.

My filter has different fittings or tubing size
In most cases the fittings can be changed over or adapted to suit your needs. The most common size in plastic tubing is 1/4" & 3/8" if your not sure just contact us.






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German researchers found that your metabolism can increase by as much as 30 per cent during the 10 minutes after you drink a cold glass. Why? They speculate that your body burns more calories as it tries to warm the water.

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